Monday, December 01, 2008

As much as I hate to admit this, I'm just not cut out to be a bitch. Each time I try to be mean (and that's often enough), it rebounds on me... Sure, it feels great the first 5-10, even 15 minutes, but after that, I'm left wondering, what it got me, other than a temporary high and some bad karma. So, yea.. Why does it cost me so much to be nasty? Even, and especially if, I'm dealing with some opinionated prick I've never met, nor would want to meet, ever... So much for righteous anger... Even that passes... Or am I just more strange/enlightened/bored than I give myself credit for?


Akash / Jack Sprat said...

Good lord, you seem to have taken these heated exchanges of opinion to heart. Its all right, I abused a lot and shared some of my thoughts, some of which you thought were nonsense and some of which i thought were ludicrous. Surely, that's the point of having a blog no? But your multiple posts are worrying. If nothing else, just think of it as some activity on your blog. A few more like me, and you might just make some extra dough on the blog. Or, some idiotic publisher might approach you and ask you to channel your urban angst into a novel.

Yes, I was a bit boorish. And more so to blame since I dropped my manners in front of the fairer sex.
I did not mean to badger you to multiple posts nor do I desire a non-a-brity status on your blog :)

I was a prick. I apologize. Add any superlative level of synonyms with sorry you can find.

I could go on and wisecrack about ice cream i suppose, but that might upset you. Or, i might be classified as a stalker.



P.S.(1) I could attempt the idea of apology in the form of verse but I work during the day.

P.S.(2) If you're still angry, have you seen Casablanca? Remember the ending? What Bogart tells that guy Louie? Well, in case you forgot....

arvindiyer said...


Zeph Keyes said...

@ Akash: you got one thing rt.. u'r comments were ludicrous and u WERE boorish. but this post really didn't have much to do with you. It usually takes a LOT to get me to lose my temper. and in retrospect, I felt horrible about my behaviour. which doesn't mean i'd excused yours... but since you've apologised so nicely, i'm gonna accept it, as graciously as i can.
and for my blook, i have other ideas planned for that... :)

@arvind: It'd be nice if took time out from grinning online and repleid to my text(s) :P

tOm said...

Damn!! Time for apologies!! I m in tears!!!! Get me an ice cream please!! :D

Zeph Keyes said...

@tom: max u can get is shambu's cold coffee... that also only on sat..