Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fair friend of man,
Prometheus was,
Who brought them fire
An inspired the great holy wars

Fire came to earth,
With the Gods' own ire:
He was bound night and day,
for stealing the fire.

Prometheus lay shattered
As the gods watch in mirth
At a hungry bird
Checking his liver's daily growth.

Then the Son of Zeus
Hercules was his name,
Slaying the bird, he won
a round in that celestial game
Promethus lies unbound
Free, yet still in pain...
The shackles are gone,
but the memories remain.

Nights are disturbed
by slivers of shadows
As niggling doubts
into nightmares flow

Can time really heal
An unbroken heart
That was sliced into two,
Right at the start?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ronald McDonald's tired of grinning

"I'm tired of smiling," confessed Ronald McDonald on Tuesday. "I've been at it for 8 years now! gimme a break!" he growled, visibly upset. The man often seen outside a popular chain of family restaurants that bear his name, explains, "For the first three years, it was fun. Then it got boring. Now it's just plain annoying". When his heart rate returned to normal, Ronald denied rumors that his impending retirement may not necessarily be voluntary. "I do not have dental problems," he said.

"Do you see these pearly whites? They're mine... all mine..." he asserted stoutly before being overcome by a fit of manaical laughter. Once the laughter subsided, however, he acknowledged that his "lower jaw does tend to hurt occasionally", Scottish lilt in place. He continued to maintain that his jaw has no connection with his plans for retirement asking, "How long can a guy keep grinning in the hope that some kid, somewhere will smile back?" He later confided another and possibly the most important reason for his proposed retirement- "I miss wearing a kilt."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

How can anyone be honest with others if they aren't honest with themselves? Even if they are honest, how many people know who they are, or what they stand for? And i believe that no one can be at ease with themselves unless they are aware of these things. How can anyone be expected to be comfortable with someone else, if they aren't comfortable with themselves? Any answers?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The curtains are drawn across the stage
Lights fade out slowly
Till total darkness prevails

Suddenly, a flash of phosphorence
The stage lights up. The spotlight is on,
Radiant- even through the darkened screen

Drama unfolds before unblinking eyes
Shielded by the pouring rain

The sky - a chameleon:
Red, Orange, Black,
Interspersed by violent white.

The darkness looms, occasionally,
Lights soon return, and zigzagging paths
Mark the stairway to heaven.

Lights go off, come on again...
The darkness has not a chance.

I turn off my night light
Staring through a shut window
At Ma Nature's spectacular display

Act one is over, the curtain reopens
The stars come out, their time for hiding has past.
It's the clouds, this time-

The wind appears - a major player,
The earth heaves a sigh of dry relief

Black turns to grey, and grey to white
But not for long, the show must go on
So the curtains will be drawn,

The spotlight will come on,
Act Two will follow, And three...
And four... And five...