Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's really interesting abt this post, is that it was written by a guy.. go check it out :D

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've been thinking...

How could they do this to us? no nine planets? we're going back to pre 1930 days.. I could and would go on about this, but i think Michael Alison Chandler and Mary Otto have it covered in their Washington Post article How the Facts Align (Go check it out.. Really worth a read)

Now back to my own meandering questions....

Is the cosmos rewinding or looping, on some far out plane? Is that why our concepts of time are changing? If there was a hiccup in my current plane of time and space, would i even know it? Would my life reloop over a certain 'time' frame? like that movie 'groundhog day' i think it was called. It's strange how movies are making me question the universe... Like last night's I heart Huckabees ( no! it's not I love Huckabees ask wiki)... Are we all micro-parts of the blanket? or is there too much Chaos for order to survive? If im in the blanket, who decides which part? Does `which part' really matter??

Either way, I've realised a few truths about myself -
1. I did not wake up hallucinating last night at 3.45. My neighbours WERE awake, and they CAN be that loud!!
2. I like quirky. If something's quirky, it just means there aren't enuf ppl who care abt it. If there were, there'd be a category.. I think that's what happened with smart/dumb, right/wrong, funny/otherwise, ... quirky means there aren't enuf ppl who relate to it. SIMPLE.
3. I have gone so used to, and scared of, saying, "I don't know", I've stopped asking questions... (till i found myself awake at 4 am with nothing else to do)
4. I believe that with enough chaos, comes order. I also believe, that there is order in the universe, even if I haven't found it yet.
5.I believe in love, but that does not mean I'm not shit scared at the thought of it. Obsession is so much easier. (no risks an all, in case u wonderin what that's about.)
6. I also believe that love, not faith, can move mountains. How can there be trust, if there is no love?
Can there be one without the other?
7. I pretend.
8.I believe most people, especially me, hide behind a facade called activity. I, for one figure that if ppl think i'm busy doin somethin, it won't matter that i dont feel or think about what really matters.
9. I believe that even shit happens for a reason.
10. I'm scared I might grow up some day, or worse, wake up one day, and wish i'd grown up.. (DON'T ever want that to happen.

I think this is the most honest i've been with myself in a while. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

What it means to be Anglo...
(and how to check if u are one)

, so someone sent me this as a forward, but hey, it makes sense, at least to me, (i think)

Here goes...

Your Aunties and Uncles get REALLY offended if you don't greet them with a 'Mornin', 'G'Afnoon', or 'D'Evenin'

You have a fight or watch a fight on: a) Christmas Dance b) New Years Dance c) A wedding

You say we are White Washing the house for Christmas!!

You think the hottest Anglo tailor is 'Gani' and he left you waiting and hoping on Christmas Eve!

On Christmas you wore a 'coat & skirt' made from 'Garden silk' and patent leather 'coat shoes'!

You walked in late to church and walked out early after communion.

You and your family go to Mass with everyone wearing the same material, Father and Son have the same material shirt, mom and sis have the same material skirts, and when you go back home the same material is used for your curtains and the sofa covers.

You didn't own a tie and a suit but still wore one at the Christmas dance...

Your mama prays to all the saints and every single version of Mother Mary ever known to human kind...

You ran into one of the stalwarts of main road and they went "what macha - long time no see" or "Cousin got any change da, never ate from morning macha" you give them something and they are off...full swing, smile on their face to the grog shop.

You still use words like "grog"

You and 5 other friends pooled in about 10 rupees each to buy a quarter bottle of booze

You walk into a dance with a quarter bottle bulging in your suit pocket

You went to an Anglo dance, and your band, when testing the sound system, spent 30 minutes of 1-2, mike testing, 1-2, mike testing, 1-2, mike testing, 1-2... (you get the picture)

Of all the dances in the world, you know what "Tiger dance" is!

At Anglo weddings, nana says to pass more wedding cake so she can put some in her bag to take 'ome.

You have witnessed the following - Aunty Dolly is laid out and between prayers Uncle Willie wails "How you can leave and go without telling one word chile".

By virtue of growing up around Tamilians, you think it's absolutely "OKAY" to dance in front of a dead body!

You say "Don't get a Kottu from me!!!!!!!"

You say DONO (Don't Know)

You got the "FIJACKS" atleast once in your life. (got the frights/were moody)

All the underwear in your family are called "Jocks", "Jungies" and "Flyingfoxes".

You know exactly what species of ants "bully ants" is.

Your Sunday was longer than your Monday.

You ate "kanjee water & rice" when times were hard!

You have pepperwater, rice and pepper fry for lunch on Saturdays

You have coconut rice, ball curry and devil chutney for lunch on special days.

If Ginger wine and Kul Kuls are a 'must have' at Christmas time.

You are convinced that everyone else in India is a bloody pye dog , Pariah Bugger or Wog.

You refer to every guy as "bugger" in a conversation.

You buy Jow and Bones along with the meat.

You use the phrase How mad nah!!! and if u use "blimming and blinking" in every other sentence (still don't know
what they mean - as swear words)

You use the phrase "thatny" - for that only

You respond with a "Namind (never mind)Child"

You willingly go to the market to make some extra pais (paise).

You smoke half a buggie (beedi) or fag (cigarette) now and keep the other half for after lunch.

You asked your mum where something was that you misplaced and she answers. "On my head"

You walked in your short pants and T-shirt to the natta shop down the road or drove around on your bike to your friend's place like that.

You know what a natta shop is.

You're at British or Lala's and thinking "look at these pies how they 'beep' up the place".

You've been for one of the dances organised by Passange.

Your mama told you, "I'll slipper you, mind!"

If I said 'Who' and you replied Mother Boo!

You know the answer to the riddle "Where was Moses when the lights went out?"

You played "Miss Mary Mac", "Ice-cream soda" and "who stole the cookie from the cookie pot" during school

You've sung "Ging gang gooly..." at Sunday school or wherever!

You played Ringa Ringa Roses, Ringing the duck, Dog Shots, Musical chairs, n sung Hotel California more than
a dozen times.

You sing "She'll be coming down the mountain..." to & from a picnic.......

You stuck a pin in the bottom of your rubber slipper strap to save yourself from buying a new strap.

You think 'She wears my ring' and 'Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone' are still the two hottest songs
in the world.

Somebody calls you "dorai" or "missi amma"

You're working in a call center even though you haven't finished your 10th std

You often refer to yourself as an "Angloinyin"

and o,
"Where was Moses when the lights went out?"
"In the dark".. hey.. don shoot the messenger!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's strange how beautiful muddy river water can be, as it twirls beneath the bridge you're standing on
It's strange how u can live most of ur life in a city, and yet be a stranger to its secrets...
It's strange how bits of a song can stick in your head and pop out at the appropriate moment
It's strange how much of an impact people leave on one anothe, without meaning to...
It's strange how one true cliches are...
It's strange how much one person's life can change in a day... a moment....
It's strange how strange one just can be
It's strange how much i love me.
I wonder if i'd marry me...
Narcissistic or wat???