Sunday, February 25, 2007

The last two weeks have been crazy. I have switched jobs, uprooted my life and settled down into a new city in less time than the moon takes to wax or wane. Although, technically, saying i've "settled down" would be stretching it more than a little.

Truth is, I'm pretty overwhelmed by the sheer expanse of this city. After living off the company for about a week, I've found more permanent accomodation - rent won't kill me, I'm going to be moving in with old college-mate, and it's relatively well connected.

Here, I'd like to note, that colege-mate refers to someone who went to the same college I did, at about the same time. The non-use of the words buddy/friends/pal is intentional. We have no problems with each other, but we aren't quite the best of friends either.

The connectivity I was talking about... It's, as my colleagues put it, "only half an hour away", which is true... by train. I have new respect for distances. Back home, a half hour ride would have would have taken me to the next closest city.

But the locality seems nice enough. Took a walk from the house to the Metro station, and noticed signboards - a doctor, atleast 2-3 inexpensive looking restaurants, a gift store, telephone booth, a medical store and a few provision stores.

Did I mention there's a police station a stone's throw away? While I haven't actually tried throwing stones at the cops, I might need to someday. Don't get me wrong. Security doesn't seem to be an issue. And even though I said my to-be roomie and I aren't the best of friends, I'm pretty sure neither of us is going to attempt murder.

What I am worried about, is my over-enthusiastic landlady, who I suspect might try to kill me if and when I either refuse to eat her food, or am late with the rent. while the latter isn't very likely to happen, I'm hoping (desperately) that we won't be running into each other too often. With my propensity of sleeping odd hours, I'm rather optimistic that we won't.

And this is just the tale of my prospective first (almost) solo accomodation... I haven't even started on my (mis-)adventures at work.. been here about 4 days now, and already have a tale to tell. but, I think I'll save that for later...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What remains when memories fade?
'Non omnia possumus omnes'
We can't all do everything

Friday, February 02, 2007

He lay there when i opened the door. I thought he was dead. As that army of ants swarmed over his body, he suddenly convulsed.
I jumped. He stared back at me. I shut the door, repulsed.
He wasn't there the next time i opened the door. What a sad and painful way to go...
Maybe I shoulda just stepped on the little bugger...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

being honest is hard work
bloggin is the best way to rant and not be heard
Too bad life doesn't have a CTRL+Z