Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've been thinking...

How could they do this to us? no nine planets? we're going back to pre 1930 days.. I could and would go on about this, but i think Michael Alison Chandler and Mary Otto have it covered in their Washington Post article How the Facts Align (Go check it out.. Really worth a read)

Now back to my own meandering questions....

Is the cosmos rewinding or looping, on some far out plane? Is that why our concepts of time are changing? If there was a hiccup in my current plane of time and space, would i even know it? Would my life reloop over a certain 'time' frame? like that movie 'groundhog day' i think it was called. It's strange how movies are making me question the universe... Like last night's I heart Huckabees ( no! it's not I love Huckabees ask wiki)... Are we all micro-parts of the blanket? or is there too much Chaos for order to survive? If im in the blanket, who decides which part? Does `which part' really matter??

Either way, I've realised a few truths about myself -
1. I did not wake up hallucinating last night at 3.45. My neighbours WERE awake, and they CAN be that loud!!
2. I like quirky. If something's quirky, it just means there aren't enuf ppl who care abt it. If there were, there'd be a category.. I think that's what happened with smart/dumb, right/wrong, funny/otherwise, ... quirky means there aren't enuf ppl who relate to it. SIMPLE.
3. I have gone so used to, and scared of, saying, "I don't know", I've stopped asking questions... (till i found myself awake at 4 am with nothing else to do)
4. I believe that with enough chaos, comes order. I also believe, that there is order in the universe, even if I haven't found it yet.
5.I believe in love, but that does not mean I'm not shit scared at the thought of it. Obsession is so much easier. (no risks an all, in case u wonderin what that's about.)
6. I also believe that love, not faith, can move mountains. How can there be trust, if there is no love?
Can there be one without the other?
7. I pretend.
8.I believe most people, especially me, hide behind a facade called activity. I, for one figure that if ppl think i'm busy doin somethin, it won't matter that i dont feel or think about what really matters.
9. I believe that even shit happens for a reason.
10. I'm scared I might grow up some day, or worse, wake up one day, and wish i'd grown up.. (DON'T ever want that to happen.

I think this is the most honest i've been with myself in a while. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

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Christopher said...

It seems to me that these scientists are just seting things straight.

Just as some are upset about the recent plutonic down-grade, People in the 1930's were upset about Pluto's very discovery.

See the site below for rare photos of the original Pluto protests.