Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fair friend of man,
Prometheus was,
Who brought them fire
An inspired the great holy wars

Fire came to earth,
With the Gods' own ire:
He was bound night and day,
for stealing the fire.

Prometheus lay shattered
As the gods watch in mirth
At a hungry bird
Checking his liver's daily growth.

Then the Son of Zeus
Hercules was his name,
Slaying the bird, he won
a round in that celestial game
Promethus lies unbound
Free, yet still in pain...
The shackles are gone,
but the memories remain.

Nights are disturbed
by slivers of shadows
As niggling doubts
into nightmares flow

Can time really heal
An unbroken heart
That was sliced into two,
Right at the start?


OsKar Bebblebox said...

u really need some good sleep

Zeph Keyes said...

@ oskar: heard u claim prometheus stole your limelight....

Zeph Keyes said...

ya rt!

Ridhi said...

haha...prometheus un bound?
the ans to time - my fav protagonist...hmmmmmmmmm...only time will tell...let's ask her shall v?

Anonymous said...

oye !! loafur!!! how it is??