Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I the only one that thinks its a little offensive that people still associate cowardice with a skirt? So much for women's lib?!

If you're wondering what brought this rant on, it's quite simple really. I was reading what the The Romantic Realist (Go read the post. Good fun, I promise) had to say about a recent dispute on whether or not an IAS officer can express dissent on government policies in a newspaper op-ed piece — under a pseudonym.

Now, I personally think it's best to call it like it is, and have no qualms about using a pseudonym when i think appropriate, so naturally, I HAD to take offence at a comment which berated the author of the piece, who goes by Arthreya, calling him/her a coward for "bitching about his PM in open media space and behind a skirt, sorry i meant a pen name."

The funniest thing, is that this comment was left by a visitor who goes by KMN. Did I hear someone say hypocrite? And I asked earlier, why is cowardice STILL being associated with skirts?

I'd have thought that people, at least after all these millennia, would have figured out that women are no cowards. And cross-dressers, even less so :D

(Ps. The Romantic Realist is the editor of Mint. )

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unforgiven said...

But you have to understand! Women, they are, ummm, they should not work, because otherwise well, the entire hiding behind the skirt thing happens; now we can't let that happen, can we?

Geez, that's what happens when you let those females out of the kitchen.