Thursday, June 29, 2006


Dark clouds part a mezzotinted sky
While the petrichord rises from the earth
Wave after wave, almost an assault
As senses awaken. One at a time

Heavenly Tears, they've oft been called
That flow when Gaea takes the fall
For ornery children's hearts impure
Then tears turn torrential, even temerous

Thor and Ty, thunderously ally
To capture images of a luminous night
While gushing gauntlets gather force
Unshielded souls shatter to smithereens

Yet, diaphanous blooms in glorious disarray
Soak up the shadows of the rainbow
And hormones surge as Jupiter awakens,
Emotions direct, not rhyme nor reason.

(Not too sure if this has any kinda continuance.. would love some feedback.. pleeaz? decided to stop here for now. so, part 1)


Pavitra said...

not too sure what u talkin 'bout.. got a job at ndtv production in bbay :)
its a 1 month internship..which can translate into somethin permanent..


OsKar Bebblebox said...

Sleepy girl, sleepy girl
Why won't you go to sleep?
Sleepy girl, sleepy girl
You're keeping me up.
Writing such gems night and day
U make my world go all gay ;) :D

Nice work...