Sunday, June 25, 2006

Midnight Musings I

I sit to write, and stars appear
Before my eyes
White contrasts with white
Music fades -in and out-
surreptiously in the background
Creating, or destroying,
(I know not which)
the moment words begin to flow.

The stars begin to fade...
but not from my eyes
as I sit, starry-eyed
In awe of the world...
in puzzlement -
of superconductors,
LPG engines,
Modifed salt crystals,
Reattached fingers
that once were dead.

Images cloud my mind
White on white no longer
The stars disappear...
Only to be replaced
by spots of varying greys
I know not which to gaze upon
To form a pixelated Image
Of life, as it passes me by.


Pavitra said...


was readin all ur previous arrived at that vetti wallah comment :P

ayyo no offense tho...u do write awesomely well :)

savitha said...

loved the last two lines...pixelated image of life as it passes by me....felt tht often