Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy 22nd

"Help me God! Please be nice...
A baby brother I do not want"
Prayed a little girl a long time ago...
Perhaps someone listened,
Yet, sometimes, I think, "Maybe not"
Babies are cute, and so was she
In a wrinkly, crinkly kind of way
Rotund she was, oh yes, no doubt
Though you can't see that today
Her cheeks were soft, her butt, softer
Diapers, still smelly, that I'll say
And then one day, there came a change
You know the kind, you know you do
(No, not the kind involing chai and kitlis)...
Indoor games gave way to drumsticks,
Coloured hair became the rage -- yellow, pink and even blue
K, ok... I know this is more than a little sappy,
Yet I'm hoping it'll make up for me not being there


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Framed printer said...

A very fun-loving poem :)