Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She sat staring at the blank screen, trying to herd the scattered thoughts, willing them to form words, if not whole sentences. Then again, when did her mind ever obey her? Not anytime recently... She'd sworn on all things she considered holy (mostly chai-sutta and sleep) that she'd write more on the "trip". At least she'd travelled, even if wasn't as much as she'd liked, and had her memories -- some fond, others, not so much.

Still, she wanted to write, even opened word documents and good old paper notebooks to begin. But that was the problem. That's all it took to drive out any semblence of thoughts from her head. In fact, she sometimes thought she could see them -- tiny little things -- flying, no, struggling to find a path, through her unruly curls.

She sighed and gave up. It was happening again. This time, she also had company. He'd tried to sneak up on her, but she could feel his presence. Migraines were attention-seekers of the worst kind!!!


Asavari said...

I can so identify with this one. Ugh, frustrating!

web design company said...

Haha well said..I was keep on reading it for twice to know the intension beyond that actually..I was just startled !!