Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I left work at 4am today. Why? Mumbai's been attacked. AGAIN. I mean, seriously, when will these people learn. U CANNOT keep a Mumbaiya down. Do what you want to them, they always bounce back.
Sadly, though, I think, think time, it may take the city a little longer to bounce back to normal.
News reports streaming in put the official toll at 90 people dead and as many as 900 injured. Then, came the distressing bit about 60 more bodies being found at the Taj, where a number (no one was sure how many exactly) of people had been taken hostage. Which makes me ask, for what? The group that "claimed responsibility" (why do these loonies think this a big deal? U want publicity, take out a freaking ad! Not like they can't afford to...) — the Deccan Mujahideen — sent major newspapers and (I'm assuming) TV channels an email that was psychotic at best, and totally brainless at worst (or should that be the other way around?)
Sure, the name indicates Islamic extremist forces, but does that mean the people behind last night's massacre were Muslims? If I were to start a militant group tomorrow (yea rt!), called my "group" the Saints Herded Into Training as Heroes Effectively Against Depressed Sisters (or, SHITHEADS), and sent out an email saying I was planning on killing all the men to make up for all the years women have been persecuted, who'd take me seriously? At the same time, if I called it Ulibaki Jihad... think that'd make a difference? (apart from the fact that I'd still be a lunatic of the worst kind, I mean) Who'd know the difference?
I know there's a lot of anti Muslim rhetoric doing the rounds... heck, a colleague of mine — senior colleague — no less, thinks as a group, they cause too much havoc and need to be eradicated (for want of a better term) but it really doesn't matter who plans these "terror" attacks, does it? Its innocent (even if they aren't all that innocent, who are we to decide who lives and who doesn't?) civilians. Which is why I called it a massacre. It was planned, and executed to (at least) near perfection, against a group of people who never knew what hit them.
Watching a recap of the whole thing earlier, it struck me that, starting with Leopold's and going on to the Taj, and the other fancy hotels, and the Gateway of India (let's not forget the 2 boats found moored there carrying explosives...), this was beginning to sound like Shantaram gone bad. Does anyone else think that?
Anyway, despite how completely brainless the violence was, one image is stuck in my head, revolting me. (And at one point, every news channel was running this footage in what seemed like a never-ending loop!) Just as reports of two terrorists being killed in an "encounter" — another word I hate, btw — came in, the TV-watching world was shown footage of a corpse being lugged around by a couple of camera-toting guys, obviously from the media... I mean, come on people, is that what we've come down to? Dragging a dead guy around so we can reposition him for a better shot (no pun intended, morons)?
It's not clear if that even was what remained of an alleged terrorist. For all anyone knows, it could have been one of the first hostages to go. Even if it was a terrorist (and maybe I'm weird here), I believe in dignity in death. Especially if there's been no dignity in life.
And, I know, as a country, we're still to get over our colonial mindframe where we love or hate the gora to extremes. Still, was there any logic to looking for folks with an American or a British passport? Or was there a converse logic at play here, which dictated that those with, I dunno, French, Portuguese or even Australian passports should be let off easily? Like I said before, it doesn't make any sense...
Which brings me to an important question: Most of those 'terrorists' were between the ages of 25-30. What makes anyone roughly my age want to go out and slaughter a few dozen people they've probably never met, or were ever likely to meet? Then again, what would make anyone, of any age, want to do that? Maybe I'm a little slow, but I just don't get it.
Of course, as expected, this event has led to a lot of discussion. Especially the fact that two senior anti-terrorism cops were killed. So far, the authorities have been picking up the small fry, the poor, those who are — in all likelihood — the modern equivalents of gun fodder, and patted themselves on the back. This attack wasn't random. It was well-thought out, showing that apart from the obvious — finances — those behind it also had a fair amount of intellectual ability. Where did that come from? Pretty big debut for a group no one's heard of, don't you think?
I mean, its so big a debut, 200 members of the National Security Guard — that's a euphemism for trained killing machines, btw — had to be called in, apart from the Army, the Navy, and a tonne of other people in fancy uniforms. I shudder to think of the bloodbath that's gonna be in tomorrow's news, as a victorious ( and you can bet on that!) team of folks in uniform (nevermind which one, the NSG's involved now...) announce that they absolutely trounced the enemy who will never show their faces in public again. Wanna bet there'll be more dead than taken prisoner?
Think about it. The dead are easier to handle than live prisoners who keep trying to a) escape b) get bail or c) get traded as part of some ransom deal or the other. Don't believe me? Think carefully about who the police arrested... 9 random 'suspects'.
Did I mention, as of 4am, 2 militants had been killed and only 1 hostage 'rescued'? This, when the 'official' death toll had already climbed past 80!
Sure, the elections are still a few months away, but do need to I remind you nice folks that its the same party in power at the Centre and in Maharashtra? And what do you think this gonna do for the party's rep? Not like we don't already know all politicians are hounds baying for each others' blood, is it? Hmm...I can already see the Gujarat chief minister "strongly criticising" the event tomorrow. Bet his speech-writers had a loong nite at work yesterday... and hey, Shush about 2002, okay? HE brought the Nano to the state!!


arvindiyer said...

Well that's why I have switched off my tv set and stayin away from watching the so called "FOOTAGE that's goin to win them an award", this video of the mad guys after hijacking a police vehicle opening fire on civilians on the road, when one poor guy gets shot on his hands and he is bleeding (and if my eyes saw it right, without a finger) screaming and running on the road and this lady reporter catching hold of that guy and placing his bloody hands on the road for her cameraman to get a GOOD SHOT.

Jeez. Like i said, am better off not watching all this and praying for peace.

Zeph Keyes said...

that was a cameraman.. no innocent civilian.. so no hassles if he displaying his "war injuries"

arvindiyer said...

Errr I don't quite think that.. coz every where he was running... there was a camera following him.. Know a BIT bout camera movements and perspectives to be made to believe That person was a cameraman.

Zeph Keyes said...

see, that footage was on NDTV.. so he naturally not NDTV cameraman. but that entire bunch seemed like the media.. so a) he coulda been some unfortunate soul who was tryin to get on tv.. in which case he deserves it.. the attention seeker.
b) he was camera guy for some other channel/paper.. or c) he was reporter.. and in b or c.. sad, but prolly deserved it

Jack Sprat said...

I don't believe I can really digest some of the filth I just read.

A terrorist - yes, he's a misguided youth nearly as old as you, goes into a room, opens fire on a bunch of people, then pisses and squeals for mercy, should be given a dignified death. He just killed a bunch of innocents - should I make that capital ?? INNOCENTS, and we should say - Yes sir, we'll listen to what you have to say and give you a more dignified death because you are a human being too? Fuck that. The moment he pulled the trigger on those poor people, he ceased to be worthy of any such treatment you feel he deserves.

And at least the CM stepped up to the plate and offered 1 Cr and cut his own ticket to Mumbai. What did the centre do? Really, just because you're a minority, you just can't get over the 2002 situation. That's right, keep harping on the past like a broken fucking record. You went out and voted for the fucking Congress, and see what the fuck has been going on for all this time.

Do we really need Kurta clad, arm chair commentators like you pouring their miserable hearts out on the internet? Go talk to your husband or parents about the situation like everyone else does.

What is with all these wink-wink-nudge-nudge jokes? They're not even funny. I bet you're the kind of person who'll go light a candle and walk on the fucking steets and mourn all these losses. Well, what the fuck of a difference is it making? You think ranting in this space will make a difference?

And we've had enough of the spirit of the Mumbaikar nonsense as well.

Fuck the moron cop who couldn't keep his vest on. Fuck people like you who go and vote for the congress. Fuck people like you who make snide remarks. Fuck people like you who think that just because they've read some literature, they can talk shit on a blog. Fuck people like you who would show baseless empathy towards a fucking mass-murderer. Fuck people like you who sit on their keyboards and type a load of opinions that ultimately lead nowhere. Not one fucking thing you wrote makes an ounce of sense. That's right. Go back and read it again. Read it fucking once again. Tell me I'm wrong and please come up with a better response than the fact that I use too many fucks.

And by the way, FUCK YOU. ALL CAPS.

Zeph Keyes said...

Thanx for sharing your opinion... first, this IS my blog, and therefore, i get to say whatever the hell I want.. Don't like, don't read.. kinda simple, innit? Second, I'm not even sure I should be responding to someone who's too chicken to leave behind the claok of internet-assured anonymity..pakak!?!
Hmm... but since i'm feeling particularly benevolent, I'm actually responding to you...
Fine, mass murderers should be shot. Who on would u vote for then? your favourite politicians will all be dead....
And about how our awesome CM offered them a crore... where do u think that's coming from? me and other morons, like you, for instance (IF u pay taxes).
If u actually believed that load of crap, i should prolly feel more sorry for you than i already do. Remember the Akshardham attack? or the riots..? Remember the cops who died then? their families were also promised a "package" — a mere Rs20,000. How many of those officers' survivors do you really think received those benefits? Wake and smell the rotting undhiyu!
THAT was a whole load of politics-induced bovine manure.. bull shit, in case u didn't get it. :)
Did you also realise, not only was he NOT invited, he was specifically asked not to come to mumbai.. But of course, he HAD to take advantage of the situation, didnt he... nothing personal.. just a good political move, rt?
Besides, u may have heard how poor security is along the coastline... why do think nothing's been done about it?
The politicians say it's too expensive.. sure, if they secured the perimeter, how would they fool cretins of their credibility.
And one more thing, I don't think it was fair of you to assume which party I vote for, or how old I am, or anything else about me... not really any of your business, is it?
BTW, simple logic behind not randomly killing alleged terrorists... that'd be like shooting the messenger, wouldn't it? How difficult would it be for those behind it, both strategically and financially, to just hire more "messengers"??

Chew on that moron, and feel free never to read my blog ever again, i'll forgive you.. Have a good life..

Zeph Keyes said...

o, and mr sprat, that body that was being flung around DID not belong to a terrorist.. so there goes the basis of your rant against mine.. hmmm....

Jack Sprat said...

I appear anonymous because I don't have an ID here. Who are you then Zeph Keyes? Really? I don't even know what your name is.

I'm Akash. Feel free to mail me at
I'd give you my phone number but we've barely broken the ice.

Right, so you could do little other than go back to the tried-and-tested "Oh its a all a work by politicians" nonsense. More conspiracy theories? We all know our great politicians suck and whatnot, that's old hat.

So, its the don't shoot the messenger game we're going to play is it? Let me go filmi on you -Would you react with the same amount of Zen and calm if someone you knew would meet such a fate at their hands? You're already sprawling your fingers all over the keyboard as a mute observer, lets see how you react when it hits closer home. Hell, forget it hitting closer, lets see you look any one victim lying in that fucking hospital or anyone mourning and say - "oh, he was just a messenger, not so different from our politicians." CAN YOU DO THAT? Of course you FUCKING can't. These big ideals and free wheeling thoughts are for the cool blogosphere, aren't they.

Whom did A.B. Vajpayee kill? Whom has Sonia Gandhi killed? Who has P.A. Sangama killed? Go ahead, invent a few stories and/or tell me that they metaphorically killed the soul of the nation or other nonsense. Who has Upadhyay from the Cabinet killed? Who has Gupte killed? Yes, these are our mass-murderers. Yes, they are comparable with the terrorists - oh pardon my French, the MESSENGERS. Right!

A man who walks into a room and shoots a bunch of people is just delivering a message from more Evil men who should be hunted down. This poor man, look what he was forced to do! He was forced to kill a few people and then he begged for mercy for his own life. He should be like a wounded fawn, taken and nursed back to decent mental and physical health. If he was so noble, why did he execute the plan after getting to the location? If he was so noble, would he not have hidden a toilet after getting to the location and asked for political immunity? He would have gotten it since he didn't do anything wrong.

ALLEGED FUCKING TERRORIST? Who the FUCK is talking about killing people from a certain caste or religion just because the terrorists are from the same religion. I don't wear Orange undergarments sweetheart. I'm no closet racist or hater either.

I would like to very much, engage in a balanced FUCKING discussion based on facts, but since you want to run to imaginary factfiles hidden in your hairclip, go ahead. Make a conspiracy theory out of everything and repeatedly drone on - Politicians are the real evil Blah Blah.

Time for a new tune lady.

If you're so fucking brilliant, why not give us a few ideas about how the situation could have handled differently and how we can improve our security? Instead of posting such ridiculous drivel, why not do some fucking research and write a post on 10 old school methods that could have been used to help the situation or 10 new methods that can be implemented. Now there's something constructive. But will you FUCKING bother to do the homework? NO. You'll just go light a candle with your fucking friends.

Just to get you started - One Old School Method: Ask the service providers to switch off all the phones in a certain area. That narrows down the search. Further narrow down the search by limiting all the foreign signals who are now on roaming. Who does that leave?? The terr, oops.. Messengers.

One New Method: If we could just have every phone that walked into a certain location swiped at the gate and barcoded, we would have a roaming ID of every person in the building and so on.

Really, think about what cans, not what haves.

Need any help? Feel free to ask.

But surely you wont respond in a civil manner. You've been Gasp! offended in cyberspace and so you can never be civil again.

And btw, who even mentioned the body being flung in the previous post? I didn't.

Mail me sometime. I'll buy you some ice cream.


Observer said...


It is ironic that Mr. Sprat acknowledges (or even concedes?) that ranting in this space may not make a difference and yet chooses to pontificate on the wonderfully researched alternatives you could provide us with. Surely, and this is only reasonable, that one who has "known" the city in some capacity has room for some emotional responses (sorry, "drivel"). It was a good move to try and corner you by saying that you should ignore the profanity. Some people just seem to take everything so personally, sigh.

Btw, Jack, I'll take the icecream and all the alternative conspiracy theories you have. I'd enjoy breaking some ice with you.

Zeph Keyes said...

Dear Akash,
1. Why is it so hard to believe that i could actually use my real name on the internet? I'd give you my email address, but i do not like receiving emails from random, opinionated pricks.

2. I refuse to argue with you on politics. Like I've mentioned before,my beliefs are mine alone. I do not expect you to follow them, just leave me to do as i please. ON MY BLOG. Maybe you should get yourself a blog, since u so
opinionated :)

3. I may be a distant observer when it comes to the mumbai attacks, but trust me when i say i've seen enough senseless death and destruction. Or, have you forgotten other cities were also attacked not so long ago. And it can't hit any closer to home than almost losing a friend to this idiocy. So, don't YOU go lecturing me on being in the thick of things.

4. I still believe that actions do not add to or subtract from a person's humanity. So, yes, if i'd seen someone moaning on a hospital bed, (which I HAVE seen, btw) it wouldn't really matter to me if s/he was a victim or not. Again, u can rant all you want, but this is my stand (MY BLOG) so you have two options. take it or leave it.

5. Lighting candles.. really? that's the best you could come up with? i was actually planning on curling up in a foetal position and sucking on my thumb while clinging onto my teddy bear. u gotta problem with that?

6. Why on earth would i wanna give u any ideas on how it could have been handled better? There are enough people being paid (good amounts, i might add) to do just that.

7. The body being flung about. Sure u didn't refer to it? then what on earth were you ranting about?
8. Sounds like you need the icecream... sound too hot headed for your own good.

9. I know I sed I wouldn't discuss politics with you, but think i need to point out that i was only responding to your implication that ppl who vote for the congress (Why'd you single them out, anyway?, are personally responsible for terrorism. Also, no one commented on your underwear, so I don't know why you brought that up.. whatever gets u off, mate..
10. I've been much more civil than you've been.. I COULD tell you to go smoke some more weed or whatever else you're on, but that would just bring me to your level of pointless personal attacks.. so i wont. Instead, I'm asking you, very politely, to please fuck off.
Thanks a lot :)

Zeph Keyes said...

@ observer: Thanx for the support... and if Mr Sprat is willing, I'd be more than glad to see you break ice with him.. or any other thing u wish to break.. good luck :)

tOm said...

Wow che!!! Damn!! Did anyone mention ice cream? I like mine COLD!!! ;)