Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amoeba and Soulmates

Me: ... realised the similarity between soulmates and amoeba

Over-smart brat: soulmates and amoeba? as in, neither exist?

Me: no they both supposedly can exist thru spirit of course
see, the amoeba thingie's pretty straightforward

Over-smart brat: uh, amoeba cant... they live maybe for an hour

Me: in the beginning, there was one amoeba

Over-smart brat: i see, amoeba as a general concept, not a single specific amoeba

Me: which then split into two.. which then in turn split into four and so on.. so the genetic makeup of the first amoeba continues to exist through u the ages with minor alterations maybe...

Over-smart brat: unless you're accounting for genetic and environmental mutations... depends on the time period you're looking at

Me: too many, n it'd evolve.. but yet, there are amoeba.. ergo.. some strains do not evolve... same thing with soul mates
the one BIG soul started mitosis..
then each of those bits also split.. except, what's called evolution in aoeba is nirvana in souls

Over-smart brat: ooooookay.. lets see, is it, why yes, it IS time for your meds! its meds-o-clock, thats what it is!

The idiot didn't let me get into the actual crux of my theory - that sometimes these leftover strands of amoeba DNA are stronger than soul-mate bits.. the soul bits need to connect and come together sometimes.. . "because they get weak on their own" according to a popular author... Can u imagine what would happen if the amoeba bits would combine in an attempt to form the proto-amoeba? Would that be the end of life as we know it?
And most importantly, why am i even thinking about this? It's past 3 am, and most sane people are asleep by now.. aahh.. there lies the answer.. I just said sane... lol

(Ps. yes, this was an actual conversation between two sober, if sleep-deprived beings — one human, and one gloria)

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