Monday, August 04, 2008

It's very interesting how almost everything we learn goes against something else they tried teaching us. Every book I read, every idea someone shares with me, every theory.. whether it is how the world came into being, or whether ancient civilizations really did have access to alien technology (I'm typing this from India, using technology that's not homegrown.. alien? I wonder) Or if it is something much simpler, like should I allow myself to be offended and get angry.. how much narcissism is too much...
The part of me that interacts with (not necessarily always understands/agrees with) those of a scientific bent hears that anger, for instance, is a natural instinct.. something that evolved to take natural fear and convert it into something that could maybe help keep me alive.. the part of me that interacts with (but, again, not necessarily always understands/agrees with) those of a more spiritual bent, hears that anger raises my negative energy, keeps me tied to my earthly limitations. So, which is it? am i supposed to feel angry, or not? on one hand, not being angry would make me passive aggressive, and on the other, it could raise my spiritual levels and take me to paradise on earth.. hmmm.. tough choice, innit? which is why my motto is go with the flow (waaaaay different from go with the herd, btw) which again leads me to the question.. how much CAN i trust my intuition.. how much of what I think is intuition, really is, well, intuition (wheee! three intuitions in one sentence..uh oh.. make that 4) How much of that is just plain conditioning?

And coming back to the question about Narcissism, there's always just one answer to that.. (I don't care if u you don't agree... that's your prerogative)


Heptanesian Blue said... still thinkin bout the rest...but yeah, there's definitely nothing called too much narcissism... :)

arvindiyer said...

*Sips on water* Ok. Now trying to understand the essence of this post took a while (not sure if I have understood it yet). But to answer some of the many questions from this post.. No there is nothing called too much Narcissism. Go on and buy a new mirror.

Bout the spiritual journey.. your thinkin in the right direction. Don't ask for answers now. Complete the journey and the answers are waiting.

Zeph Keyes said...

@arvindiyer: WOW! u got all that from this post? U gonna LOVE the new post then

arvindiyer said...

Shall wait.. shall wait:)