Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mowgli: Hair and Back Again

or Snarky Little Bastard 

Written for the Dove and Indiblogger 'My beautiful hair story' contest.

Little Mowgli, a rambunctious fellow,
Once made friends with a hairy sow;
Rolling in the muck, they’d cause a furor
And the animals all laughed at the human boar

Then came the time for his weekly bath
And Baloo the bear didn’t know where to start!
Mowgli, now, was a child close to his heart,
But he’d turned “dirty” into an art

Baloo decided to first tackle his head
And then the rest of the boy, ’ere he fled
Baloo lathered the shampoo and then he said,

“I’ll scrub you clean and give you some bread.”

But Mowgli, that wily little fellow,
At the top of his voice, he began to bellow
“NO!!!  I’d rather stay grimy, dirty and yellow!”
Till an idea struck him and he started to mellow

Then came the sow who was a telapath,
She helped Mowgli escape from Baloo’s wrath
They ran helter-skelter off the path,
And soon were in another mud bath.

Baloo, now really mad at the little airhead,
Decided to wash his own hair instead.
Now he’s got hair like silken thread,
Silky and strong, and not just on his head!

Mowgli returned, saw Baloo’s hair glow,
Turned impish and said, “Look like a marshmallow!”
Baloo trembled in rage, turned quite into jello,
And dragged the boy to their bungalow

There he dunked him into a hot bubble bath
(it was either that, or make up line with ‘math’)
Then it came, like David versus Goliath,
And Baloo scrubbed, like a psychopath

Finally, forward, the sparkling towhead was led,
Super shiny and clean; quite the figurehead
And the telepathic sow in snarky his mind read—
“I hope to God this poem was proofread!”

Later that day, the sow heard a thought, the legends say,
“... and that’s the end of my hair problems! Now, can we please go play?”

(with apologies to Mr Kipling)


itswhereiscribble said...

Funny and Cute :).>Brought back memories of Mowgli days..

themoonstone said...

Very nice and well written. Its different like maggie tomato ketchup :)

IP lawyer said...

"(with apologies to Mr Kipling)" this made me smile :)

FUE Hair Transplantation UK said...

Nice :-) Interesting :-)