Sunday, December 31, 2006

Trying somethign new. Tell me what you think

Zigzagging through ziggurats,
Enjoying the feeling of smooth
Pebbles beneath my toes -
Hues of blue and red
Run into one another,
As I smile and turn the page
My life confuses me-
A lot of a little, and a little of a lot
Remains fragmented in a spiral brain
Illuminated by a candle -
Lit to find what was lost
Yet burning long after
Night has given way to day


Mr.NiceGuy said...

every1 is frightened of your poetry coz its so absract. Would be great if even laymen could understand what u mean.:p

Bravo 95 said...

You taught me several new words today - "ziggurats" being just one of them :)