Thursday, April 27, 2006

Things to do when u r rained in

Ok, so this old.. but it still holds true... and considering that my brain seems to have escaped from the rest of my body, this just about suits my current mindset. Kinda hoping i'll be rained in soon.. the heat is gettin to me!

* Stare at a candle - It improves your concentration, not to mention increases your spiritual consciousness

* Do the Piggy Dance - if u dunno the Piggy dance, make sumthing up. As long as it's some thing u'd be too embarrassed to do outside the safe confines of your room, it's perfectly acceptable! [p.s. it also burns calories;)]

* Try establishing alien contact

* Wish you were anywhere but where you are. For effect, wish aloud in different tones of voice. Make up exotic sounding accents as you go along

* Sing at the top of your voice. Try to drown out the thunder. Don't forget to practice air guitar as well.

* Hurl abuses at the Gods. Call them insensitive for ruining your perfectly laid plans. ( never mind the fact that your perfect plans consisted of staring at a piece of lint!)

* Design a super bike so outrageous, it would take a superhero to ride it!

* Plan your funeral, write an obituary

* Make a list of things you'd like to do before you die

* Imagine you are going to be stuck indoors forever, with no electricity. Come with a worst case scenario. Compete with friends for the worst story.

* Wish you had stocked up on the bread and cheese you passed by the last time you went grocery shopping

* Rearrange your closet while trying not to burn your favourite sweater that's become your lifeline


* Write a love song. then refer to idea number 5

* Practice tying your shoe laces. If you don't own shoes with laces, BORROW!!!

* Come up with and practice an Oscar/Grammy acceptance speech

* Make up new words and insist that they are part of traditional Zulu or something or, come up new meanings for existing words. Call your friends dumb if they deny their existence. You can also accuse them of not trusting you if they question your "meanings"

* Come up with a longer list than this. the weirder the better!


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