Monday, March 27, 2006

find your element


Mr. Pissed said...

Right.. I cant write well ok.. but I do appreciate and admire others who write well.. esp poetry. I love reading them but cant write any, for cryring out loud..and that freaking pisses me off big time...

And for those F'tards who say things like 'boring' can go make themselves king of the " I am so jealous house of shitheads"

However, I liked your poem and I do feel you should continue. Although is was small, it was a good read. NICE!

Current mood: NOT PISSED!!:)

arunima said...

congrats... u must have felt triumphant on discovering that ur 44% abnormal. but i thing all these online persaonality tests convey even our vices to us in such a manner that our egos get boosted and we feel that we are unique iconoclausts... crazy people like u n me suddenly find our view that our humdrum existence hasnt rendered us ordinary, bolstered. hence i rather like these tests. do u agree, maam?

Anonymous said...

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